> Movements II

Visualization of walking patterns in Chicago over the course of 9 months. Data from Moves iPhone application. Spring 2016.

> Filaments and Voids

A video narrating my final project for the Information Design and Visualization class at the University of Pennsylvania.

Viewing the universe as from outside provides a glimpse of the overarching structure of things too distant to be seen by the human eye.

> Movements

Visualization of walking patterns in Philadelphia over the course of a year. Produced for FNAR 337: Information Design and Visualization Data from Moves iPhone application

> RHex Paints

A video I assisted with directing and producing summer of 2014 for Kodlab.

> Laser Cut Pattern

Video taken of a laser cutter cutting a live hinge pattern. Video is 12x faster than real time

> Rainy Day

A video directed and produced summer of 2013 for Kodlab regarding the weekly hikes the lab takes with their variety of robots.

Every week we take the robots out for a hike, both because it is fun but also to make sure the robot and operator are working well. This week we made a fun video that shows off some of RHex's potential to interact with the world in interesting ways. The story in this video stems from some cool research happening in our lab, where students are using a panning camera mounted on the robot to track objects and landmarks as a method of controlling the motion of the robot. This type of control could lead to the behaviors seen in the above video. Currently the motions of the robot are controlled by a person using a joystick, but imagine how fantastic it would be to have a robot able to track and follow a ball autonomously! The ability to track objects, combined with RHex's agility over rough terrain has many applications in search and rescue scenarios, exploration of dangerous environments, and assisting humans in a multitude of tasks.

> Sunset Over West Philadelphia

A simple time lapse of the sun setting over West Philadelphia using a GoPro. 2013.

> X-RHex Walks Home

A video directed and produced summer of 2013 for Kodlab.