Stirling Engines

> Version 2

This is a Gamma Stirling engine designed and manufactured for the Machine Design and Manufacturing course at the University of Pennsylvania. Close to 150 hours of work were put in designing and machining.

side view

Side view of the finished engine. Parts were machined from aluminum, steel, brass, copper, acrylic, and leather.

close up of the flywheel

Close up of the flywheel, which is made up of five layers of laser cut acrylic and an outer ring of aluminum. A magnet was mounted on the outside to determine the speed of the engine.

top view

Top view of the engine. The piston and the displacer were offset by hand in order to prevent clanking. The magnet is visible in this picture.

> Version 1

version 1

This is a Beta Stirling engine that was manufactured and tested for an independent research project. The engine was built in concordance with the Manufacturing Science, Prototyping, and Computer Controlled Machining course at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The research project was submitted to the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair in 2011 and won a second place prize at the state level.

Full PDF of the research paper.