> Soccer Robot Repair

Timelapse of repairing two soccer robots for the Robot Revolution exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. These robots were designed for the Robocup competition and now play soccer at the museum.

> Light Piano

Built with Benjamin Weinreb for the third year class MEAM 348 at the University of Pennsylvania. Pairs of IR LEDs and Phototransistors detect when an opaque object is above each of the "keys" and an Arduino controller sends the notes to be played to two piezo buzzers.

> Robockey

Robockey: Design, test, and build three robots to compete in a double-elimination robot hockey tournament. This was a group project. The three robot team consisted of two practically identical midfielder robots and one goalie robot.

All three robots

Midfielder 1, Goalie, Midfielder 2

A time lapse of the assembly of one of the midfielders

Midfielder electronics

Midfielder electronics


Midfielder closeup


Goalie closeup. This is the robot that I predominately designed and built

> Acrobat

Acrobat: Design, test, and build a robot that is self contained and only contacts the ground with two coaxial wheels. The center of gravity must be at least one-half the wheel radius. The robot had a 9 DOF inertial measurement sensor. This was a group project.

Completed Acrobat

Completed Acrobat

Video of Acrobat robot balancing

> Golf

Golf: Design, test, and build a robot that scores a golf ball in a target placed between 40 and 90 centimeters away and at a random orientation. This was a partner project.

Completed Golfer

Completed Golfer

Video of the robot working!

> Stroboscope

Stroboscope: Combine general-purpose I/O with timer subsystem on the M2 to create a battery-powered, user-adjustable LED strobe light

Completed Stroboscope

Completed Stroboscope. The switches and the potentiometer alter the frequency and duty cycle of the LED

> Labyrinth

Labyrinth: design, construct, test, and demonstrate a small mobile robot that can be remotely navigated through a labyrinth. No microcontrollers on this project. The robot was controlled via provided joystick and had to carry a 50 gram weight.

Inside Labyrinth robot

Inside Laybrinth robot

Completed Labyrinth robot

Final Labyrinth robot

Video of the Labyrinth robot running without the joystick controller.

> Stalker

Stalker: design and build a device to track an infrared beacon over a 180-degree arc at a distance between 50 and 90cm. No microcontrollers were used in this project. Two phototransistors, an inverter, and a comparator were used to control the voltage on the motor so that it would center itself on the target.

Prototype Stalker circuit

Prototype circuit for Stalker

Completed Stalker

Final Stalker